Friday, May 24, 2019

RRC Customer Satisfaction:

Working for Our Customers -

We are a full-service consumer and industrial metal scrap recycler, handling over 100 grades of ferrous and nonferrous materials. Our state of the art facility in Modesto is strategically located for the greatest customer convenience. We offer container transportation and many other value-added services.

RRC collects, processes, recycles, trades and brokers metal, both ferrous (such as iron and steel) and nonferrous (such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, nickel, brass, tin, titanium and others).

Our operations receive scrap metals from a wide range of suppliers and industries. A large amount of material comes from industrial accounts –of residual metals from manufacturing processes; from auto part recyclers and smaller, owner-operated businesses, while others are generated by large, one-time opportunities such as the demolition of steel-constructed buildings or other structures.

We process raw scrap metal by sorting, shearing, shredding, torching and baling. The resulting processed metal is used by steel mills and foundries domestically and around the world to produce finished steel and other metal products. Through recycling, millions of tons of material find new uses each year.

RRC has made a substantial commitment to ensure a quality experience for our customers.

  • Ferrous: Our Modesto location has a large inbound/outbound truck scale allowing for quick scale weights. Scale monitors display all weights for transparency.
  • Non-ferrous Customers: Our Modesto facility has an indoor drive-thru lane, prohibiting the need for backing up to a dock.

Our customer payment center speaks for themselves….modern, clean, easily accessible & customer friendly. Clearly reflective of the respect we have for and the importance of our customers. We provide competitive market pricing and on-the-spot payment.

If you have scrap metal to sell, our facility is located in Modesto. Recycling Metal for a Better Tomorrow

Royal Recycling has been recycling scrap metal for over 20 years. At Royal Recycling we have a reputation for honest practices and fair dealing with our customers.

Our facility in Modesto, California, draws scrap material from throughout California’s greater central valley and beyond for sale throughout North America and the world. A network of agents in the Pacific Rim works closely with scrap consumers who have come to identify the Royal Recycling brand with quality and service.

Our facility purchases ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well. Visit our link on Metals & Scrap for acceptable metals. Contact our team of metal experts. We at Royal Recycling want to be your scrap metal resource - please help us in our efforts to recycle for a better tomorrow.

Royal Recycling- up to date prices coupled with great customer service North American scrap generators also benefit from Royal Recycling reliability and quality. The experts at Royal Recycling would like to show you what we can do for you or your company. Scrap metal prices fluctuate with market conditions in the world, but Royal Recycling always pays a competitive price.

We also provide a superior level of customer service, which we’d like to prove to you in person. We encourage you to explore our website; you’ll learn more about scrap metal recycling, and what Royal Recycling has to offer by selecting one of links that best describes you.

The benefits of recycling

During fiscal year 2010, RRC handled tones of ferrous metal. The energy saved by recycling this metal rather than extracting virgin materials prevented the emission of more than 13.6 million tones of CO2 to the atmosphere, almost enough to neutralize the carbon emissions of Sweden.According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using recycled steel instead of primary ore in steel production reduces:

  • Energy consumption by 74%
  • Air pollution by 86%
  • Water consumption by 40%
  • Water pollution by 76%


"How impressed I was at how professionally and efficiently the guys who came to our site to remove the equipment were. The whole thing seemed to go like clockwork, other than when they arrived and went I hardly knew they were here."