Monday, May 20, 2019

RCC’s Preventing Theft

Our Commitment to Preventing Metal Theft

We do not accept scrap metal that we cannot confirm as legitimate. RRC realizes that metal theft is a growing problem in many of our markets and it impacts all of us. We are doing everything we can to prevent metal theft including:

  • Training our employees to know what to look for.
  • Inspecting loads very carefully.
  • Documenting all transactions.
  • Getting to know our customers.
  • Cooperating with local law enforcement.
  • Participating in industry coalitions to explore solutions to this problem.
  • Advocating increased security of high value metals, including materials at construction sites, utility installations and even public art displays. Metal is valuable and we must secure it just as we do with other valuable assets.
  • Encouraging metal theft to be reported so our employees can be on the lookout for the materials that were stolen.
  • Encouraging comprehensive solutions that involve utilities, public agencies, law enforcement, agriculture firms, construction firms and metals recyclers.
  • Working with state governments to support legislation that helps solve the problem but that doesn’t interfere with legitimate recycling transactions.